Francis Vivares (Biographical details)

Francis Vivares (publisher/printer; printmaker; French; British; Male; 1709 - 1780)

Also known as

Vivares, Francis; Vivarez, François


1749: at the Golden Head in Porter Street near Leicester Fields 1755: at the Golden Head in (Great) Newport Street near Leicester Fields by 1771: 13 Great Newport Street (still at Golden Head) [these all seem to be variations on the same address]


Engraver and publisher. b. S.Jean de Bruel de Rouergue 11 July 1709 (according to his self-portrait engraving), to Geneva with his parents in 1711; then at age 18 to London in 1727. Earliest dated print 1738. One of the main links between the French and British print trades. Had a very high reputation in France, where regarded as greatest landscape engraver, and key teacher of the British school of line-engraving (see Regnault-Delalande in the 1798 Basan sale cat. pp.xiv and 189). Death as 'the celebrated landscape engraver' recorded in Gentleman's Magazine, December 1780, p.590.


1760s engraved sheet catalogue in P&D (P 6 14/7) (published by T.Friedman in 'Furniture History', XI 1975 pp.68ff): numbers in the corners of his plates refer to this.
Posthumous sale 27 February 1781
Elizabeth Miller in 'Print Quarterly' IX 1992, pp.272ff. on landscape engravings