Jan Baptist Weenix (Biographical details)

Jan Baptist Weenix (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Dutch; Male; 1621 - 1659/61)

Also known as

Weenix, Jan Baptist; Weenix, Giovanni Battista; Ratel


Painter, draughtsman and etcher. Born in Amsterdam; 1638 married Josyntge d'Hondecoeter. In 1642/43 he travelled to Italy. Between 1645-46 he worked in Rome for the Cardenal Giambattista Pamphili, who had become Pope Innocent X in 1644. On June of 1647 he came back in Amsterdam. In 1649 he worked in Utrecht and in 1657 he moved to the House Ter Mey, near Utrecht. Pupil of Jan Micker, Abraham Bloemaert and Nicolaes Moeyaert. Collaborator of Jan Asselijn and Dirk Stoop. Father and teacher of Jan Weenix (q.v.); also teacher of Nicolaes Berchem and Melchior d'Hondecoeter.


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