Arnold van Westerhout (Biographical details)

Arnold van Westerhout (publisher/printer; printmaker; painter/draughtsman; Italian; Flemish; Male; 1651 - 1725)

Also known as

Westerhout, Arnold van


Living 1681-6 and 1693-1719 alla salita di S.Giuseppe a Capo le Case, in parish of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte, and 1720-5 Vicolo de Chiodarolli, in the Via delle Muratte, near Trevi Fountain. Another address found on prints in period 1686-97 is 'alli Cesarini', which suggests that he had a shop there. Other addresses recorded by Bodart p.14 are a mystery.


Engraver, draughtsman and publisher. In 1665-66 he was apprenticed to the engraver Alexander Goutiers. In 1673-74 enlisted as a painter in the guild of St. Luke in Antwerp. In 1679 in Venice, from 1681 in Rome with bottega near San Ignazio, when living with Cornelis Bloemaert (Kuhnmunch p.86). Soon became the major engraver in Rome. Between 1681 and 1685 he was boarding in the house of Cornelis Bloemaert, and was executor of his will. After Collignon's death in 1687 bought much of his stock. In 1691 and 1692 brief stay in Florence, after which called himself engraver to Ferdinando de' Medicis, until Ferdinando's death in 1713. From 1716 to his death called himself Intagliatore of the Duke of Parma. No heirs, and stock said by Kuhnmunch to have been sold to Billy.
Brother of the engraver Balthasar van Westerhout.


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