Nathaniel Whittock (Biographical details)

Nathaniel Whittock (printmaker; painter/draughtsman; British; Male; 1791 - 1860)

Also known as

Whittock, Nathaniel; Whittock & Goodman


Oxford 1824-1828 14 Paternoster Row 1828-1830 (Whittock & Goodman) 24 Garnault Place, Spa Fields 1830-1831 16 Somers Place East, New Road 1832-1834 39 Rathbone Place 1848-1860 34 Richard Street, Islington (home) 1848-1860


Lithographic draughtsman, engraver & printer. Lithographer to the University of Oxford. He produced a bird's-eye view of Oxford; James Robert Thompson, Course of the River Mole, from Box Hill Bridge to Leatherhead 1841; Panoramic view of Jerusalem and the adjacent towns and villages 1842; London, Westminster and Southwark, as they appeared A.D. 1543. from a drawing by A. van den Wyngrerde 1849; a bird's-eye view of London showing the intended North London Junction Railway; The city of Melbourne, Australia; drawn by N. Whittock, from official surveys and from sketches taken in 1854, by G. Teale, Esq. 1855; Birds-eye view of the island, harbours and fortifications of Cronstadt 1854; A bird's-eye view of the city of York ca. 1857; another bird's-eye view of London ca. 1860, lithographed by Edmund Walker, etc. Also produced 'The decorative painters' and glaziers' guide' 1827; 'The art of drawing and colouring, from nature, birds, beasts, fishes, and insects' 1830; 'The microcosm of Oxford' 1830; 'The modern picture of London, Westminster, and the Metropolitan Boroughs' 1836; 'The complete book of trades' 1837; 'On the construction and decoration of the shop fronts of London' 1840; 'Photogenic drawing made easy : a manual of photography' ca.1850.
Born in Westminster 26 Jan 1791 - the son of John and Sarah Whittock - and baptised 6 Mar 1791 (St. John Westminster). Lived in Oxford 1824-1828, styling himself 'Teacher of drawing and perspective, lithographist to the University of Oxford'. A lithographic trade circular announces his return to London - 'music titles, ornamental wrappers, maps, plans and drawings, of every description designed and executed with taste and accuracy, also bill-heads, law-forms, and facsimiles in any character: circular letters similar to this executed in one hours notice'. He is recorded on the 1851 Census as a draughtsman and engraver aged 60, living with his wife Anne (59 - born in Boarstall, Buckinghamshire). His nephew Henry Hyde (30), also an engraver (and who co-published the Wyngaerde view), and his niece Caroline Hyde (24). He died 12 Aug 1860. Henry Hyde became an artist and photographer and was still living in Richard Street in 1871. Trade cards in Heal Collection. Heal,99,177 advertises "N. Whittock, Lithographic Draughtsman & Engraver, No.39, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street. Portraits, Landscapes, Architectural drawings, Maps, Plans, Fac-similes of Ancient M.S.S. &c. &c. executed either on Stone, copper or Steel. Ornamental Titles, fancy or address Cards, Circular Letters, executed with taste, accuracy and dispatch. Lithographic Drawing taught and every material furnished." Heal's annotations on mount: "Compare card in A.H. collection of Whittock & Goodman, 14 Paternoster Row. " Heal,99.178 advertises "Whittock & Goodman Lithographers to the University of Oxford. Engravers and Printers. No.14 Paternoster Row. London. Maps, Plans and Drawings of every description, designed & executed with taste & accuracy. MS's and Fac Similes in any Characters, Circular Letters, &c. &c. &c." Heal's annotations on mount: "Compare card of N. Whittock..."


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