Robert Wilkinson (Biographical details)

Robert Wilkinson (publisher/printer; British; Male; 1758 - 1825; fl.)

Also known as

Wilkinson, Robert


58 Cornhill, London (in 1780-1815) 125 Fenchurch Street, London (in January 1798) 125 Fenchurch Street, London (in 1816-9)


Map and printseller working at the top of the market. Took over John Bowles's stock on the latter's death in 1779. A copy of John Bowles's 1768 catalogue in the library of the Royal Geographic Society has slips of paper printed with Wilkinson's name and address pasted over Bowles's name on the title-page and on p.166 at the end of the volume. His will is at the National Archive, PROB 11/1056/335. The posthumous sale of his stock took place at Sotheby's on 29 September 1825, 13 April 1826. Two trade cards in Heal Collection (Heal,100.83 & 84) and three in Banks Collection (D,2.3403, D,2.3487 & D,2.3439) advertise "Robt. Wilkinson, Map & Printseller, No.58, Cornhill, London."