Charles Williams (Biographical details)

Charles Williams (printmaker; British; Male; 1796 - 1830; active)

Also known as

Williams, Charles; Argus; Lamb, C; Ansell; Truelove, Tom; Squib, Timothy


Prolific etcher of satires of his own or others' designs (especially Woodward); never acted as publisher and once signs as Esq. Signs as Williams (eg BMSat.10966), CW, W-S, Argus or Will. Almost all plates are anonymous and their identification needs much more work: many of the attributions to him by Dorothy George need to be revisited. His early work for Fores was identified by Hawkins (wrongly) as by Ansell. In later years he worked for different publishers simultaneously, including Fores, E Walker, members of the Knight family, and Tegg (from 1807).
His prints are placed in the XIXc series.


Dorothy George in BMSat. VIII p.xxxviii.