John Wilson (Biographical details)

John Wilson (dealer/auction house; British; Male; 1862 - 1883; fl.)

Also known as

Wilson, John


93, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury (until 1874) 12 King William Street, Charing Cross (from 1875)


Major book and print seller; evidently took over the business of F. G. Tomlins c. 1862.
Bill made out to the Trustees of the British Museum (Banks,17.107) states "Bought of John Wilson, Bookseller, Publisher and Literary Agent..." The bill is dated "London Nov. 29th, 1862." The name of F.G. Tomlins is crossed out and replaced in manuscript with John Wilson. The prints purchased were registered as 1862,1213.118 to 134. In 1879 described himself as 'Old and New Bookseller & Publisher'.
He is the "Wilson" who sold many groups of prints, and acted as agent for the BM in many purchases at auction into the 1880s.