Michel Le Blon (Biographical details)

Michel Le Blon (publisher/printer; dealer/auction house; goldsmith/metalworker; Dutch; Male; 1587 - 1656)

Also known as

Le Blon, Michel; Blon, Michel Le; Le Blond, Michel; Blondus, Michel


Dutch ornamental and silver engraver, goldsmith, publisher and art agent active in Amsterdam, Antwerp and London; cousin of Joachim von Sandrart (q.v.). Baptized in Frankfurt in 1587; pupil of Theodor and Johannes de Bry; 1612-25 in Amsterdam; c.1627 travelled to Italy, visiting Bologna, Florence and Rome and afterwards to London. Died in Amsterdam in 1656. His engravings are mostly for decorating metalwork, and in blackwork; also designed crests and arms.


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