Comte James Alexandre de Pourtalès-Gorgier (Biographical details)

Comte James Alexandre de Pourtalès-Gorgier (collector; banker/financier; French; Male; 1776 - 1855)

Also known as

Pourtalès-Gorgier, James Alexandre de; Pourtalès, James Alexandre de


Banker and art collector. Born 28 November 1776, died 24 March 1855; Chamberlain to the King of Prussia, he was awarded the title of Count in 1814. Pourtalès collected and subsequently created a gallery of antiquities and art in Paris, which included a mummy and coffin from the Thedenat-Duvent sale that were later presented to the Berlin Museum in 1825. After his death in 1855 his collection was sold by auction in Paris in February and March 1865, Amherst bought some of the important Egyptian objects. Newton spent 60,919 frances on bronzes and vases for the BM, and 47,000 francs on the Apollo Giustiniani.

The Musée du Louvre, Paris have a portrait of him by Paul Delaroche in which many of his prized objects are depicted including the British Museum's 'Pourtalès Apollo' (RF 1998-1).


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