Egypt Exploration Fund (Biographical details)

Egypt Exploration Fund (institution/organisation; British; 1882; founded)

Also known as

Egypt Exploration Fund; Egypt Exploration Society


Founded in 1882 by Amelia Edwards as the Egypt Exploration Fund (EEF) but later renamed the Egypt Exploration Society (EES). It has always maintained a high research and fieldwork profile in Egypt and publishes an annual journal, the 'Journal of Egyptian Archaeology'.
The process by which the British Museum acquired objects from the EEF was as follows: the Museum paid a subscription to the EEF, on the explicit understanding that it would receive objects from the Fund's excavations in return. Excavations were then carried out, and the finds which accrued to the EEF were subsequently distributed to the many institutions and individuals who had subscribed.
British Museum acquisitions are recorded with two entries: Presented by and also Excavated by the Egypt Exploration Fund.