What is not yet available?

The database now contains records for all objects in the British Museum with the following exceptions.

Department of Coins and Medals:

  • pre-Islamic Persis, Elymais and Characene
    most Islamic dynasty coins i.e Arab-Sasanians and Tabaristan, Umayyad (incl. Yemen and Spain), ‘Abbasid, Samanids, Buyids, Tahirids, Ziyarids, Qarakhanids,  Ghaznavids, Seljuqs (Persia and Anatolia), Fatimids, Ayyubids, Mamluks, Morocco, Rasulids, Zaydi Imams, Mongols and Ilkhanids, Timurids, Ottoman,  and modern Middle East
  • Georgia and Armenia
  • Indian punch marked coins
  • the Gupta dynasty
  • late Mughal and Successors
  • the Wiggins collection
  • parts of the Princely States, Independent states, Tribal states collections
  • post-Medieval German states
  • Anglo-Gallic coins
  • virtually all medals with the exception of British and French medals, acquisitions of medals 2003-2006 and the Cribb collection of religious medals
  • virtually all badges with the exception of acquisitions 2003-2004
  • Continental Iron Age
  • The ex-Bickford-Smith collection of Severan denarii from eastern mints
  • Base-metal Roman coinage of the later third century
  • The unmintmarked coinage of Carausius
  • British finds of Roman coins kept by findspot
  • Roman tickets, (copper alloy) tokens and (coin) weights
  • Contorniates
  • Ancient forgeries
  • Modern forgeries of ancient coins
  • Coinage of the ‘Barbarian’ successor kingdoms
  • all collections from East Asia and South East Asia except China before AD50 and Chinese ingots, Javanese magic coins, Thai porcelain tokens and Tibet.
  • British coins after c. 1750, except for patterns and proofs.

Department of Prints and Drawings

  • British prints of the XIXc (smaller size)
  • Historical prints of smaller size (from 1700 onwards only)
  • The series of portrait prints (all nationalities)
  • Trade cards (cards connected with the print trade have draft entries)
  • Bookplates
  • Topography (with the exception of London views)
  • Other series of prints kept according to their subject matter
  • Illustrated books, extra-illustrated books and sets of prints in bindings (with a few exceptions)

Department of the Middle East

Records are not yet complete for:

  • cuneiform tablets
  • ivories

These will be uploaded in the near future from catalogues either at advanced stages of preparation or recent completion.

Work is continuing on the parts of the collection that have not been catalogued and new entries are being added to the database at the rate of about 3,000 a month. But the size of the collection means that it will take many years to complete.