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Julia Ankenbrand

University of Leeds

Working together: community co-production of collections dnowledge and display at a national Museum

Anna Barrett

Durham University

The impact of sociocultural and environmental change on air quality and respiratory health in the 4thCataract, Sudan: a bioarchaeological perspective

Ali Bennett

University College London

Collecting in East Africa: from the end of exploration to colonisation and settlement

Mark Dalton

University College London

Early Bronze Age British Funerary Vessels

Lloyd de Beer

University of East Anglia, Art History and World Art Studies

English Alabaster Sculpture: Status and Significance 1350-1603

Charlotte Dixon

University of Southampton

Sailing the monsoon winds in miniature: model boats as evidence for boat building technologies, cultures and collecting

Eloise Donnelly

University of Cambridge

Collecting Renaissance decorative arts and the making of the modern museum 1850 - 1900

John Ford

University of Reading

Ringing the changes: the social significance of finger-rings in Roman Britain

David Francis

University College London

Narrative, identity and the museum visitor experience

Kate Fulcher

University College London

Painting Amara West: the technology and experience of colour in New Kingdom Nubia

Nikki Grout

University of Brighton

Legacies of Collecting, Collaboration and Co-production

Johannes Hartmann

University College London

The Notgeld: 1914-1924

Agnes Henriksen

University College London

Domesticating the Sumerians in Mandate Iraq (1922-1934)

Alexandra Magub

School of Oriental and African Studies

Political and religious ideologies on Parthian coins from the 2nd and 1st centuries BC

Mary McMahon

Royal Holloway, University of London

Picturing the Antipodes: race, image and empire in 19th-century Britain

Felicity Roberts

King’s College London

“Observation of matters of fact”: Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753), collecting and the making of natural history

Seonaid Rogers

University of Nottingham

Site-seeing: postcards of the Middle East & the visual construction of place, 1890s to 1990s

Nicholas Salmon

Birkbeck College, University of London

Between Asia and Europe: Mediterranean networks and island identity on Rhodes, 8th to 5th centuries BC

Duncan Shields

De Montfort University

Alfred Maudslay, photography and archaeology: process, meaning and effect

Daniel Simpson

Royal Holloway, University of London

The Royal Navy and colonial collecting in Australia, c.1820-1870

Lucy-Anne Skinner

University of Northampton

The characterisation of ancient leather processing in the Nile Valley during the Pharaonic era

Stephanie Smith

King's College London

Settlement and Connectivity in the English Channel: the Isle of Wight and its setting in the Iron Age and Roman periods

Naomi Speakman

The Courtauld Institute of Art

Gothic ivories: evidence from the collections of the British Museum

Jessica Stitt

University of Oxford

Operational management in heritage: optimising preservation in the context of development and use of collections

Rachael Sycamore

University of Leicester

Roman metalwork hoards in Britain

Mathilde Touillon Ricci

SOAS, University of London

Individuality and identity in cuneiform

Robert Webley

University of York

Conquest and continuity: characterising portable metalwork in Late Saxon and Anglo-Norman England, AD 900-1200

Rebecca Whiting

University College London

Human behaviour and adaptation during a period of cultural, social and environmental change: the dental anthropology of the inhabitants of the 4th Cataract, Sudan

Rachel Wilkinson

University of Leicester

Iron Age metalwork hoards in Britain

Catherine Jones

University of Manchester

The Sword in Iron Age Britain

Edward Standall

University of York

Plants in Pots: The Molecular and Isotopic Identification of Cereals in Archaeological Ceramics

Evgenia Dammer

Oxford University

Chinese Neolithic Painted Pottery in Context

Hannah Gwyther

The University of Bristol

From sea to sea. Working techniques and trade in organic luxuries from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean (1500-500 BCE)

Luke Dale

The Courtauld Institute of Art

Early Neanderthal social and behavioural complexity during the Purfleet Interglacial: the evidence from the stone tool record.

Margaret Read

Nottingham Trent University

The application of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to the study of vitreous materials in museum collections.

Nicola Froggatt

Royal Holloway, University of London

From ‘wretched savages’ to the world's ‘most beautiful’ artefacts: British ethnographic collections from Western Australia

Sophie Adams

University of Leicester

A study of late Hallstatt and early-middle La Tène brooches in Britain

Alison Clark

Kings College London

Historicising the British Museum's Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection

Robert Davis

University of Reading

Palaeolithic archaeology of the Solent River: human occupation in its stratigraphic context 2

Kirsten Halliday

University College London

Chimu state art

Marcus Hatch

Queen Mary College, London

Palaeolithic archaeology of the Solent River: human occupation in its stratigraphic context 1

Jack Mockford

University of Hertfordshire

Paper money, forgers and forgery, 1776-1826

Katie Robbins

University of Southampton

How representative is the Portable Antiquities Scheme database?

Melanie Rimmer

University of Cardiff

The corrosion of archaeological iron

Michelle Statton

University College London

Dress, adornment and identity in Late Iron Age and Roman Britain

Philippa Walton

University College London

Roman coin loss patterns from the PAS

Helen Wilson

University of Manchester

Interventive conservation of black-dyed organic materials – the problem of metal-polyphenol complexes

Qin Cao

University of Oxford

Chinese weapons and warfare in Shang (c.1600-1050 B.C.) and Western Zhou (c.1050- 771 B.C.) Societies: significance, value and identity

Jack Davy

University College London

Miniaturisation and material culture

Luke Edgington-Brown

University of East Anglia

The Gowland collection in the context of Japanese archaeology

Elizabeth Norton

University of Southampton

Polished axes: object biographies and the writing of world prehistories