Excavations at
Ras al-Hadd, Oman

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Department of the Middle East 

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Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Oman

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The town of Ras al-Hadd is located on the east coast of Oman facing the Indian Ocean at what was an important ancient trading point between East Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian peninsula.

It is home to a range of archaeological sites with evidence of settlement dating as far back as the Chalcolithic (Copper) Age (about 3,000 BC). Working in close collaboration with the Ministry for Heritage and Culture in Oman, this project is excavating the main settlement mound in the small town of Hadd.

With connections to the Indus valley, Zanzibar, East Africa, the Persian Gulf, Iran and Iraq, the archaeology of Ras al-Hadd has the potential to significantly contribute to our understanding of 5,000 years of contact across the Indian Ocean.

About the project

Ras al-Hadd is an area of small sites dotted around a shallow coastal lagoon on the eastern coast of Oman.

This project is excavating the main settlement mound within the small town.

More about the project 

Project reports

The first season of excavations took place between late January and mid-February 2013 within the courtyard of Ras al-Hadd’s imposing fort.

Thanks are due to the Ministry of Heritage and Culture for their generous support and invaluable assistance in enabling it to happen.

Excavations at Ras al-Hadd, 2013 

Project team


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