Excavation in Egypt at Tell el-Balamun


The Magnetic Survey

The geophysical survey in Tell el-Balamun was a joint project of the British Museum and the Polish Center of Mediterranean Archaeology, intended to map the whole area of the temple enclosure.

By 2008 this had been accomplished, apart from a very small area of about 0.70 hectares which was impossible to work owing to flooding by rainwater. This small remnant was finally surveyed in March 2010 to complete the map.

The geophysical survey was directed by Tomasz Herbich with the participation of David Swiech and Artur Buszek. Excellent results were obtained and many buildings detected under the soil, as shown in the image here.

A description of the buildings and other features identified by the survey is available as Chapter 11 of Excavations at Tell el-Balamun 2003-2008.