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Research students

The Museum has a large research student programme working across a wide range of different academic disciplines.

Our students carry out new research to support the Museum's work and have opportunities to develop their future careers by researching with us.

All our research studentships are collaborative doctoral studentships, which means: 

  • All our students work for a doctoral degree at a UK university. 
  • Their research is supported by two or more supervisors – one from their university and one from the Museum.

Since 2006, the Museum has supported more than 90 students working with over 30 universities. The fresh perspectives and expertise brought by our university partners are crucial for the success of our research student projects and the impact they have on the Museum. 

Most of the Museum's students are funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) through their Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) scheme.

Other students are funded through the Leverhulme Trust, Wellcome Trust and individual university scholarships. For information about working with us on non-CDP doctoral projects, please email