A woman crouching and teaching a child to stand. c.1635-7 Red chalk, on grey-buff paper


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Department: Prints & Drawings

Registration number: 1910,0212.186

Bibliographic reference
Royalton-Kisch 2010 14 (Rembrandt)
Hind 1915-31 4
Benesch 1973 422

Dutch Roy XVIIc

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Object types
drawing (scope note | all objects)

paper (all objects)
drawn (scope note | all objects)
Production person
Drawn by Rembrandt (biographical details | all objects)
1635-1637 (circa)
Schools /Styles
Dutch (scope note | all objects)

A woman teaching a child to stand. c.1635-1637

Red chalk on rough grey paper.

Verso: blank; see Inscriptions.

No watermark.

Inscription Content: Inscribed, verso: in graphite: ‘a’ (see cat. no.13; 1910,0212.187).

Height: 78 millimetres (chain lines vertical, 21mm apart)
Width: 75 millimetres

Good; cut on the right.

Curator's comments
Entry from Martin Royalton-Kisch, ‘Catalogue of drawings by Rembrandt and his school’, 2010, Rembrandt, cat. no.14.

See the commentary to cat. no.13 (1910,0212.187).

LITERATURE (always as Rembrandt):
Michel, 1893, p.585 (see cat. no.13; 1910,0212.187); Lippmann, III, no.74a; Hofstede de Groot, 1906, no.1125; Wurzbach, 1910, p.419; London, 1915, no.4 (c.1635-40); Benesch, 1935, p.41 (c.1647-50); Hamann, 1948, p.54, repr. fig.35 (c.1635); Rosenberg, 1948/64, p.147/236, repr. fig.197; Benesch, II, 1954/73, no.422, repr. fig.477/508 (c.1637; compares Benesch 308, Vienna, and 309, Fodor coll., Historisch Museum, Amsterdam); Exh. Rotterdam-Amsterdam, 1956, p.68, under no.61 (c.1635-7; compares Benesch 278, 309 and 421, the latter here cat. no.13; 1910,0212.187); Sumowski, 1971, p.127 (as for cat. no.13; 1910,0212.187); Amsterdam, 1981, p.111, under no.6; Schatborn, 1981[I], no.15, repr. (c.1637); Vogel-Köhn, 1981, pp.55-6 and no.54, repr. (c.1639-40); Corpus, III, 1989, p.83 (see cat. no.13 [1910,0212.187], n.3); I. Seligman, 'Lines of Thought', London, 2016, no. 28, p. 67.

child (scope note | all objects)

Acquisition date

Acquisition name
Bequeathed by George Salting (biographical details | all objects)
Previous owner/ex-collection Sir John Charles Robinson (biographical details | all objects)

Acquisition notes
See cat. no.13; 1910,0212.187 for further information on J.C.Robinson.

Exhibition History
London, Royal Academy, 1899, no.154 (1);
British Museum, 1910, p.5, slope III;
1912, no.166a (compared with cat. no.53; 1912,0416.2);
1938, no.4; 1956, p.15, no. 10 (with cat. no. 13; 1910,0212.187);
1984, BM Rembrandt and the Passion, no.4, (1630s);
1987 Feb 5 - May 25, BM, 'An A-Z of P&D'
1992, BM Drawings by Rembrandt and his Circle, no.17, repr. (c.1635-7);
2001-2, Edinburgh and London, p.138, no.57;
2006, BM, 'Rembrandt: a 400th anniversary display' (no cat.).
2017 May - Sep, New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, 'Lines of thought: Drawing from Michelangelo to now', no. 28
2017-2018 Oct - Jan, RISD Museum, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, 'Lines of thought: Drawing from Michelangelo to now', no. 28

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