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model / figurine

Terracotta figure with two infants carried at back and front; column-like body; traces of red paint.


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Department: Greek & Roman Antiquities

Registration number: 1900,0903.7

Greek and Roman Antiquities catalogue number: Terracotta A133

Bibliographic reference
Kiely 2011e 10
Terracotta A133
Karageorghis Coroplastic VA p. 66, type xii, no. 9


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Object types
model (scope note | all objects)
figurine (all objects)

terracotta (scope note | all objects)
Type Series
Yon and Caubet Workshop 4
painted (scope note | all objects)
Production place
Made in Lapithos (all objects)
(Europe,Cyprus,Kyrenia (district),Lapethus)
Place (findspot)
Excavated/Findspot Lapithos, Cave sanctuary at the locality 'Embros Temenon' 0.5km south-east of Lapithos village. (near) (all objects)
(Europe,Cyprus,Kyrenia (district),Lapithos)
600 BC-500 BC
Cypro-Archaic (scope note | all objects)

Terracotta model-group/figurine with a woman being embraced by two smaller figures with beaked faces; the woman has a hollow, wheelmade column-like body with splaying base; she has a mould-made head with broadly Egyptianising features: wig-like hair, large bulging oval eyes, prominent nose, pursed lips; the hand-made arms are extended forward; the two smaller figures hanging from the woman are hand-made and have beak-like faces and slightly quiffed hair; their legs, ending in crdely rendered feet, clutch the body of the woman; traces of red paint.

Height: 12.5 centimetres

Curator's comments
See Caubet A. and Yon M. 1988, 'Un culte populaire de la Grande Déesse à Lapithos', RDAC 1988/2, 1-17, esp. 10-11. Additional examples in Karageorghis Coroplastic, volume VB, 63-4. The model-group, if not simply a very stylised image of a mother with two children, may show a supernatural borthing scene with the two small figures are assisting the woman to give birth.

birth (?) (all objects)

Acquisition date

Acquisition name
Donated by Sir William Frederick Haynes Smith (biographical details | all objects)

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