Roman Republican Coins in the British Museum

E Ghey, I Leins (eds) - descriptions and chronology after MH Crawford

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A guide to types continued 

3. The coinage of the moneyers

This section serves as a visual index to issues where the identity of the moneyer is known or supposed. Anonymous issues are dealt with in the preceding section. A link is provided to other examples of that RRC type or sub-type.

List of moneyers (in RRC order) with links to other coinage by that moneyer

Coins associated with well-known historical individuals are listed separately on page five.

RRC 63 to 262 (211BC to 128 BC)

RRC 263 to 344 (127 BC to 89 BC)

RRC 345 to 434 (88 BC to 54 BC)

RRC 435 to 491 (53 BC to 43 BC)

RRC 494 to 550 (42 BC to 31 BC)

Full list (over 500 objects)