Roman Republican Coins in the British Museum

E Ghey, I Leins (eds) - descriptions and chronology after MH Crawford

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The Department of Coins and Medals would like to thank colleagues in the British Museum for their assistance in the creation of this catalogue, especially Matthew Cock and David Prudames (Web team), Vera Motyckova (Web team intern); Tanya Szrajber, Sarah Hammond, Julia Stribblehill, Sam Wood, Ivor Kerslake, Steve Dodd and Kevin Lovelock (Collections Services); Rebecca Green and Peter Main (Information Services); and Josephine Turquet (British Museum Research Publications Editor).

Richard Hodges prepared most of the images of coins. The initial cataloguing of the Hersh bequest was carried out by Valentina Arena, Laura Dance, Julia Hoffman and Jack Luttman. Natalia Bauer, a former intern of the department, worked on the preparation of a list of moneyers and their biographies.

The editors of the catalogue would like to thank colleagues in Coins and Medals and other institutions, particularly Richard Abdy, Andrew Burnett, Michael Crawford, Joe Cribb, Sam Moorhead and David Shotter for their support and comments. We would also like to acknowledge Michael Sharp of Cambridge University Press for allowing us to use the format of Roman Republican Coinage.


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