Paper money of England and Wales

Edited by Catherine Eagleton and Artemis Manolopoulou

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The paper money of England and Wales provides a fascinating insight into these countries’ economic and social development over the past 300 years. At the time of writing, discussions about the financial systems of the United Kingdom are often in the news, and it is timely to look back at the origins of banking in England and Wales.

The British Museum’s collection of paper money from England and Wales numbers almost 10,000 objects, including the very important recent donation to the Museum of the collection of the ifs School of Finance, formerly known as the Chartered Institute of Bankers.

This catalogue includes the English banknotes from the British Museum collection, along with the Welsh banknotes, cheques and paper money from both collections, as well as banknote designs and printing plates. Banknotes and cheques from the ifs School of Finance collection will be added gradually, as the cataloguing and imaging of the collection is completed.

Catherine Eagleton, 2010
Department of Coins and Medals

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