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Tombs from Site B (7–14)

Tomb 7

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Pottery, alabaster, bronze, iron
Chronological range of objects: Hellenistic (?)
Tomb type and status:  Chamber tomb, irregular Y-shaped or bilobate with short (?) dromos. Walters noted that it had been 'completely ransacked'.
Additional information: Seven ‘coarse redware’ alabastra found in the dromos, with another in the chamber (entry latter crossed out so presumably not kept); alabaster vase; bronze mirror and nail; iron fragment (entry also crossed out). A note on the left-hand side added later states that '[t]hese belong to Hellenizing period – 4th cent.', apparently referring to jugs with zoomorphic spouts (citing CCM nos 1246–1296). It is not clear from the Notebook text however that any of the vases in this tomb were of this well-known Cypriot type. CCM, 182 lists only the bronze mirror and nail, and the alabaster vase, in the CM collection.

Description of Tomb 7, with a faint sketch of the tomb

Tomb 8

Contents: BM: two items
Materials/objects: Pottery, terracotta figure, bronze
Chronological range of objects: CA I–II
Tomb type and status: Chamber tomb, disturbed and flooded, with construction over dromos at later date
Additional information: Twelve items listed, most crossed out: not all kept items were registered. Pottery (tripods, stamnos, jugs, bowls etc), probably in WP/BiCh and BoR ware; figurine of terraco`tta warrior with shield; upper part of bronze basin or cauldron (not kept).

Description and image of Tomb 8

Tomb 9

Contents: BM: one item
Materials/objects: Pottery
Chronological range of objects: CC II
Tomb type and status:  Chamber (?)
Additional information: Two decorated vases listed, one a ‘woman and pitcher’ jug in BiCh Red IV ware, of CC II date, the other a BiCh ware stamnos; the Notebook refers to ‘other specimens of plain pottery’ which were presumably discarded.

Tomb 10

Contents:  BM: seven items
Materials/objects:  Pottery, bronze, silver
Chronological range of objects: CA II–CC I; Roman
Tomb type and status: Chamber tomb, reused and disturbed: two chambers 10ft below the ground and meeting at right angles, one higher than the other
Additional information: Some 20 items listed, only some registered: ‘numerous plain vases’ of Roman date are mentioned in Notebook but these were not kept; also an Attic amphoriskos from the earlier burial but no other pottery registered; bronze mirrors, and personal items (pins, spirals); silver jewellery; gold ring with setting (lost); fragments of iron; sard scaraboid on a bronze swivel. First used in the late CA II–early CC I period and again in Roman times, perhaps with the addition of the second chamber.

Descriptions of Tombs 9–10

Tomb 11

Contents: BM: two items
Materials/objects: Stone, glass
Chronological range of objects: Hellenistic (?); Roman (?)
Tomb type and status:  ‘near the pathway, unimportant’
Additional information: The stone tile could be an intrusion from a nearby building.

Description of Tomb 11

Tomb 12

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Bronze, glass
Chronological range of objects: ?
Tomb type and status: ‘On the extreme W. of the site – a very deep tomb, nearly 20ft’
Additional information: ‘Bronze dirk with hook in the centre’; glass ring; and glass gem. CCM, 182.

Description of Tomb 12

Tomb 13

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Pottery, glass, stone (sarcophagus)
Chronological range of objects: Roman (?)
Tomb type and status: Large sarcophagus (7ft 3in x 3ft 7in x 3ft 6in – 4in thick) near which were found three items listed in the Notebook (glass ring, frag. of a glass vase and a plain Roman lamp). Close by was a large chamber tomb with numerous side chambers which was completely empty
Additional information: CCM, 182; also mentioned in Lamp III, 292.
The next part of the site was ‘...immediately under the rock of the acropolis to the east of the gateway, a site where there are many evidences of tombs and other constructions...’. This formed part of what is now called the ‘Amathus Gate’ cemetery (see above).

Description of Tomb 13

Tomb 14

Contents: BM: one item 
Materials/objects: Pottery
Chronological range of objects: CA
Tomb type and status:  Chamber (?); surface grave
Additional information: The Notebook states the only preserved find, fragments of RS bowl with a ‘Hathor’ head protome, was found in the dromos of a tomb, but the following entry for Tomb 14 (and Excavations, 82) says it was a surface grave.

This part of the site was deemed to be unpromising and abandoned after a day, after which the team moved to a completely new area, Site C.

Description of Tomb 14


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