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1900,7-23.1: Roman bronze key on ring donated by W. Fisher said to be from Lapithos

1900,9-3.1–20: Terracotta figurines from a cave sanctuary near Lapithos


Twenty-four coins identified as having been struck by the ancient kingdom of Lapethos are preserved by the Department of Coins and Medals. Not all are currently illustrated in the Collection online database

Lambousa Treasure

1899,4-25.1–28: The First Cyprus (Lambousa) Treasure

1957,7-4.1–2: A pair of earrings said to have come from the Second Cyprus (Lambousa) Treasure.

In addition to antiquities from the modern Lapithos and Karavas areas, the British Museum also contains contemporary pottery and textiles collected by Leonard Buxton in 1913, which are now preserved in the Department of Prehistory and Europe. These are not included in this catalogue but can also be explored online through the Collection online database.[1]



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