Bronze Age Review - Volume 1

Bronze Age Review - Volume 1

For the first volume of the Bronze Age Review, the editor invited senior scholars to draw on their experience and expertise and write on what they would like to see happening in Bronze Age research in Britain in the future. They were asked to look as broadly as they can and explore issues and areas of study that they feel are currently missing or underdeveloped.

The aim is to provide a period of open consultation until 31 January 2009 with suggestions, comments and proposed new chapters to the editor who can be contacted at The authors will subsequently revise their articles for inclusion in a volume to be published in the British Museum Research Publications series.

Ben Roberts (Editor)
Curator, European Bronze Age, Department of Prehistory and Europe


A canon for the Bronze Age?
Anna Brindley

The Bronze Age climate and environment of Britain
Tony Brown

Prospects and potential in the archaeology of Bronze Age Britain
Joanna Brück

The agenda gap? Approaches to the Bronze Age in current research frameworks
Jonathan Last

Information, interaction and society
Ben Roberts

Towards a fuller, more nuanced narrative of Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain 2500–1500 BC
Alison Sheridan

Bronze Age pottery and settlements in southern England
Ann Woodward