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High society and lower ranks in Ramesside Egypt at home and abroad

K.A. Kitchen

In Ramesside Egypt, international cosmopolitanism extended to various ranks of society besides kings and courts, although these give much evidence on that trend. This is exemplified here from (i) a head porter including a cuneiform determinative in his traditional shabti-text; (ii) from an Egyptian working in Hittite service within that empire, using a Mesopotamian-type personal seal with Hittite art and cuneiform and hieroglyphic digraph inscriptions; and (iii) the impact of escorting Hittite princesses to Egypt [whose route can be sketched] on the careers of officers into high civil office at home, leaving traces also in Canaan.

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Kitchen, K.A., 'High society and lower ranks in Ramesside Egypt at home and abroad' BMSAES 6 (2006), 31-36,

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