Issue 3: November 2002


This is now the third issue of BMSAES (British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan) to be produced in 2002. It presents an interesting range of articles, all of which take advantage of aspects of the medium in which it is published.

The papers by Favard-Meeks, Judd and Prag all use a number of colour photographs which, particularly in the case of Favard-Meeks, might be prohibitive in a paper journal.

The paper by Backes is an index and thus by being presented electronically is searchable while still permitting it to be printed and read in the manner of more traditional media.

The issues of indexing and preservation of BMSAES now rear their heads, not least as it is not now possible to list all the papers published on the journal's home page. I shall shortly begin the preparation of a system for indexing and accessing back issues of BMSAES.

I examined the whole issue of archiving and permanence of electronic material for a paper presented during the informatique et Egyptologie meeting in Pisa this summer, and I hope the paper will be published in the proceedings (see The issue of permanence is a major one which needs to be tackled by every electronic publication with a wish to survive into the future.

Nigel Strudwick


Index zu Michelle Thirion, 'Notes d'onomastique. Contribution à une révision du Ranke PN', 1-11e série
Burkhard Backes

The present state of the site of Behbeit el-Hagar
Christine Favard-Meeks

One accident too many?
Margaret A Judd

Proportion and personality in the Fayum Portraits