Issue 22: April 2015


This issue of BMSAES  presents results from fieldwork projects undertaken in a broad range of settings: ancient Egypt’s cemeteries (Elkab, Edfu), quarries (Gebel el-Silsila) and desert routes (near Kharga Oasis). Readers are also invited to make a closer acquaintance with three less familiar deities: ‘Amun-Ra, lord of the sky’, the snake goddess Werethekau, and Min, patron of quarrymen.

Marcel Marée



British Museum Expedition to Elkab and Hagr Edfu 2013
W. Vivian Davies and Elisabeth R. O’Connell

A further type of figural pottery from Hagr Edfu
Thomas Beckh

Amun-Ra, lord of the sky: A deity for travellers of the western desert
Nikolaos Lazaridis

Werethekau and the votive stela of P3-n-'Imn (Bristol Museum H 514)
Ahmed M. Mekawy Ouda

Quarrying for Claudius, protected by Min: A small quarry at Gebel el-Silsila East
Maria Nilsson and Adrienn Almásy