Jewellery from Late Antique Egypt

Yvonne Petrina

Scientific excavations and surveys in Egypt have yielded a high number of finds that can be dated to Late Antiquity, e.g., pottery, ostraca and textiles. In contrast, pieces of jewellery are rarely found in scientific excavations. Due to the low number of finds, a typological evaluation is difficult to undertake. There is, however, one alternative method in finding out more about Late Antique jewellery from Egypt: museums and collections all around the world house numerous pieces of jewellery that were allegedly found in Egypt. It is clear that alleged find-spots do not necessarily reflect the true circumstances of how and where objects were really found. Some museum pieces, however, can be assigned to workshop groups since they share characteristic features that only reappear on pieces of jewellery from or allegedly from Egypt. It is, therefore, likely that these pieces, even though nothing or not much about their find contexts is known, were made in Late Antique Egypt.

Jewellery from Late Antique Egypt

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Petrina, Y. 2014. Jewellery from Late Antique Egypt. BMSAES 21: 31–43.

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