The early Kushite Tombs of South Asasif

Elena Pischikova

This article presents two newly re-discovered  Kushite tombs built in the Theban necropolis of South Asasif during the reign of Shabaqo-Shebitqo. The tombs of the Mayor of Thebes, Karabasken (TT 391) and First aq-priest of Amun, Karakhamun (TT 223) reflect the Kushite revival of the ancient tradition of building monumental decorated private tombs. Thousands of relief fragments from the collapsed decoration demonstrate innovative iconography and beautiful carving. The tombs of South Asasif add to our understanding of the early stages of the Kushite revival of tomb art in Egypt, later developed further in the Kushite and Saite tombs of the North Asasif and Deir el-Bahri.

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Pischikova, E. 'The early Kushite Tombs of South Asasif ', BMSAES 12 (2009), 11–30.

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