Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt

Alexandra Villing, Marianne Bergeron, Giorgos Bourogiannis, Alan Johnston, François Leclère, Aurélia Masson and Ross Thomas

With Daniel von Recklinghausen, Jeffrey Spencer, Valerie Smallwood, Virginia Webb and Susan Woodford

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Egyptian Late Period pottery


Jeffrey Spencer

Comments by the excavators, archival photographs and the re-dating of certain pieces have shown that Egyptian pottery of the Late Period (664–332BC) was more abundant at Naukratis than the quantity brought back to museum collections might suggest. The recorded examples, including numerous vessels particularly typical of the 26th dynasty (664–525BC), are just a small but important sample of what must have existed at the site.

Double-jar decorated with images of the Egyptian god Bes, 6th century BC. British Museum, EA 74842