Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt

Alexandra Villing, Marianne Bergeron, Giorgos Bourogiannis, Alan Johnston, François Leclère, Aurélia Masson and Ross Thomas

With Daniel von Recklinghausen, Jeffrey Spencer, Valerie Smallwood, Virginia Webb and Susan Woodford

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Hogarth’s photographs of Naukratis


Jeffrey Spencer

The photographs taken by D.G. Hogarth during his excavation seasons at Naukratis in 1898 and 1903 are more informative than might be expected. By examining these photographs in groups, common features have been identified on various images that help to establish their locations and subject matter. Interpretation has been aided by Hogarth’s handwritten diaries of the time. The photographs add new information not only on the progress of the excavations but also on the character of the villages and lifestyle at the site at the turn of the 20th century.


Hogarth's photograph 8, showing the loading of excavation kit at the railway station at Teh el-Barud