Bronze Age Gold

Alessia Murgia, Martina Melkonian, Benjamin W. Roberts

Technical analyses on selected objects by Susan La Niece

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The authors would like to thank colleagues in the British Museum for their assistance in the creation of this catalogue. They are especially grateful to: Neil Wilkin, Gill Varndell, Jody Joy, Marta Mroczek, Elena Jones, Mafalda Raposo and the Museum Assistant team (Prehistory and Europe department); Susan La Niece, Nigel Meeks, Quanyu Wang and Duncan Hook (Conservation and Science); Emily Robbins, David Prudames and Matthew Cock (Web team); Tanya Szrajber and Julia Stribblehill (Documentation team); and Sarah Faulks and Josephine Turquet (British Museum Research Publications).

The authors are also like to thank the many external scholars who kindly provided expert advice on Bronze Age gold objects and technologies. They are especially grateful to: Trevor Cowie and Fraser Hunter (National Museum of Scotland), Mary Cahill (National Museum of Ireland), Stuart Needham (formerly British Museum), Adam Gwilt (National Museum of Wales), Barbara Armbruster (Université de Toulouse II), Marion Uckelmann (Durham University), Miljana Radivojević (University College London), Brendan O'Connor, Peter Northover and George Eogan.