Notes on how to use this catalogue


As there are 220 objects in this catalogue the guide to types section can be used to browse images of different objects and find links to others of a similar type. It is also possible to search the catalogue.

Quick search

Use the search box at the top of the catalogue to conduct a simple free text search (searches both essay content and object descriptions). For example entering ‘disc pendant’ will retrieve all items catalogued under that term and inputting ‘tortoise’ will retrieve all regalia cast in the shape of a tortoise or with tortoise-related elements, e.g. stylized tortoise-shell patterns. Clicking on the thumbnail image of the returned result will provide more details of that particular artefact and a larger image.


Advanced search

The regalia in the catalogue may also be retrieved using advanced search options, but this type of search will only yield results from the objects in the catalogue (i.e. no search of essay content). Useful search options include:

People: search for Asantehene (e.g. Agyeman Prempeh I)
Places: search for findspots (e.g. royal palace)


The bibliography includes other published catalogues and surveys of Asante gold regalia, but it is not an exhaustive list of such material.