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My thanks go to my colleagues at the British Museum who have provided advice, help and support in the production of this catalogue. I would also like to acknowledge the grant from the A.G. Leventis Foundation that supported this research project when it was first launched in 2009.

I am indebted to Professor Malcolm McLeod of Glasgow University for sharing with me his preliminary research in the technical aspects of Asante gold regalia, which was conducted in collaboration with Africa Programme partners at the Manhyia Palace Museum, Kumase. I also wish to thank Professor McLeod and Dr Atta Kwami, Independent Scholar, Kumasi and Loughborough, for the comments and feedback that they generously supplied on the draft of this catalogue.

Special thanks also go to Mr Gordon Frimpong, who kindly supplied the colour images that are reproduced in the first essay of this catalogue with the kind permission of the Manhyia Palace Museum.

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