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  • Pottery: black-figured amphora showing Herakles, watched by Athena, killing the triple-bodied monster Geryon. On the reverse are Perseus, Athena and three naiads. Their names are inscribed.

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  • Pottery: black-figured amphora. Designs black on red panels, with borders of lotus and honeysuckle along the top; accessories of white and purple.  (a) Combat of Heracles and Geryon: Heracles to right, with short chiton with purple spots, cuirass, quiver at back, and sheath at left side, seizes Geryon's centre head with left hand, while with right he plunges his sword into his neck. Geryon is triple only from the waist upwards, and has a pair of wings, recurved, at the back; the three bodies have high-crested visored helmets, spears, and shields, the middle one having the device of an eagle flying to left, in black and purple on a red ground; the shield of the third also has a red ground, but the design is not visible; on the legs are greaves. The first body has fallen in front on one knee and lies full face, with both sides of the crest showing, the second has fallen mortally wounded at the back, while the third thrusts at Heracles with his spear. Inscribed in front of each figure: ??a????, G???????. On the left stands Athene to right, without helmet, in long chiton and purple himation, both with maeander-borders, holding out a cup in left hand to Heracles. Inscribed: ?F?????, A???a??.  (b) In the centre Perseus to left, beardless, with purple chlamys and sword at side, hands extended. Facing him are the three Naiades in single file, in long chitons and himatia with maeander borders; the first one brings him the talaria, the second a petasos with string attached (the ???? ??d??) and the third the kibisis, or wallet. The head and neck of the second Naiad, the arms and breast of the third, are restored. Behind Perseus is Athene to left in long chiton, and purple himation drawn over her head, without helmet. The figures are inscribed: Na??de?, ?e?se??, ‘A???[a??.

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