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  • Limestone stela with snake-bodied figures of Isis and Dionysos: the stela is chipped around the edges, and roughly worked at the back. There are traces of red pigment in Dionysos' hair and diadem, and traces of reddish-pink on Isis' diadem and 'polos' (high crown). A vertical crack runs through the body of Isis. This unusual scene has the snake-bodied figure of Isis wearing an Egyptian crown with cow's horns, a sun disc, double feathers and ears of corn. She also wears a 'polos'. Her hair is arranged in corkscrew locks that emerge in two layers from what is otherwise essentially a Greek hairstyle with a central parting. The male figure appears much like Sarapis, but the hairstyle and long, pointed beard compare more favourably with depictions of Dionysos, and the face and hairstyle are almost identical with a type known as the Dionysos Sardanapallos. He wears a 'hm-hm' crown with three uraeai and a polos. The snake bodies of the two deities intertwine: details of scales would have been added in paint.

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  • Square limestone relief depicting Serapis and Isis as human-headed serpents.

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