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  • FOR DESCRIPTION SEE GEORGE (BMSat) April 14 1825  Hand-coloured etching


  • A dinner-table scene. The Marquess of Wellesley (left) falls backward, struck on the head by a dish and its contents flung by a termagant; his chair tilts over, he clutches at the tablecloth, plates, knives, bird, &c, fall to the ground. The woman (right), décolletée, feathered, and bejewelled, leans forward with clenched fist, preparing to fling another dish (like the other of gold plate). She says: Take that, & that, & that, & dread my fury Civet Cat. He answers, warding off the onslaught with a jewelled hand: Nay, Nay, thou sweetest unsophisticated lovely Sweet. He wears court dress with a Garter ribbon, and a huge bunch of seals. On the back of his chair is a royal crown, indicating his Lord-Lieutenancy. On the wall are two pictures: a satyr watching nymphs bathing (left), and Venus, Mars, and Cupid, with two billing doves (right).  April 14 1825  Hand-coloured etching