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  • Wellington, wearing an enormous cocked hat, boots, and dangling sword, sits with frowning profile, folded arms, and crossed legs, in a small upright chair with his back to the window. On the floor lies his baton, inscribed Comr in Cheif, and broken with violence. On the table is a large letter: His M—j—sty accepts the resignation of his Grace the Duke of W—ll—ngt—n with the same regret that it is communicated—. On the wall above his head is a battle-piece: Battle of Waterloo. Outside the window is the Achilles statue (see BM Satires 14376) as if seen from Apsley House though at closer range. Below the title:  "here for brutal courage far renowned,   I live an idle burden to the ground,   (others in counsil fam'd for nobler skill   More careful to preserve than I to kill;) Vide Horn. Ill [sic] b. 18.  7 May 1827  Hand-coloured etching

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  • FOR DESCRIPTION SEE GEORGE (BMSat)   Hand-coloured etching

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