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radiate-headed brooch

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    Silver-gilt radiate-headed brooch. Small head-plate with eleven knobs in the form of animal masks applied to a separate outer bar on copper alloy balusters. Oval foot-plate with profiled bird head lappets and animal mask terminal, apparently a boar, flanked by bird and animal heads; cast Style II animal and geometric interlace; niello inlay; ribbed wire enrichments; cast gilded pin-catch, transversely ribbed, with animal mask terminal.


  • School/style

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  • Date

    • 7thC(early)
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  • Technique

  • Dimensions

    • Length: 163 millimetres
    • Width: 96 millimetres
    • Depth: 15 millimetres
    • Weight: 204 grammes
  • Curator's comments

    Comment from Kidd, Haith & Ager ‘Summary Catalogue’ (draft MS)

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  • Bibliography

    • Tait 1976 199 bibliographic details
    • Tait 1986a 241 bibliographic details
    • Speake 1980 pl 16k bibliographic details
  • Location

    On display: G41/dc19

  • Exhibition history

    2012-2013 Nov-Mar, Bonn, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle, Treasures of the World's Cultures

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  • Department

    Britain, Europe and Prehistory

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COMPASS Title: Gilded silver brooch

COMPASS Title: Gilded silver brooch

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