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    Sketchbook containing studies done in St Ives, Italy and Spain between Sept 1994 and March 1995; with hard covers, red cloth spine, containing 54 sheets of thick white paper, with sketches on most folios apart from group of 5 sheets in centre, and includes mainly abstract sketches, but some views of town and harbour, and some based on figures. 1994-5 Mixed media, including ball-point pen, oil, ink and watercolour washes

    Inside front cover: abstract shape, resembling a slide, pen and black ink [drawn sideways?]
    F1r Abstract shapes, one based on shape on inside cover, another a cross, pen and black ink [drawn sideways?]
    F1v Slight abstract line sketch, possibly based on landscape of mountains, pen and black ink
    F2r Abstract composition based on a female nude figure, set in a drawn frame; a second, of lines forming an abstract shape
    F2v and f3r Three sketches of the head of a man wearing glasses, the upper one more finished than the other two, which are simple line drawings, pen and black ink [all drawn sideways]
    F3v and f4r An abstract composition based on a female nude, pen and black ink [drawn sideway across both pages]
    F4v Slight, abstract line design, pen and black ink with watercolour impression from f5r
    F5r Abstract composition, thick watercolour lines over washes
    F5v and f6r Abstract composition possibly based on a [?] landscape, watercolour with washes and scored lines
    F6v and f7r Impressionistic landscape extending across both pages, watercolour with washes and some 'resist' lines
    F7v and f8r Marks across both pages forming abstract composition, watercolour with torn paper effect [caused by pages closed when wet?]
    F8v and f9r Landscape composition, watercolour and washes
    F9v Paint marks from f10r
    F10r Abstract design - blocks of watercolour
    F10v and f11r Abstract composition extending across both pages, watercolour
    F11v and f12r Sketch of a female form, watercolour [drawn sideways across both pages]
    F12v and f13 Loose sketch, possibly based on a naked female, watercolour [drawn sideways]
    F13v and f14r Abstract form possibly based on the image on previous pages, watercolour
    F14v and f15r Further development and abstraction of the previous image, watercolour
    F15v and f16r Human form, reduced to abstract shapes, pen and black ink and watercolour [drawn sideways across both pages]
    F16v and f17r Similar shapes in watercolour
    F17v Sketch of buildings around a square with a central cross on a plinth, set in panels in a rough frame, pen and black ink
    F18r Slight outlines of [?] further buildings, pen and black ink
    F18v Similar outlines as on f18r, pen and black ink
    F19 Blank
    F20r A watercolour impression of the buildings as drawn on F17v
    F21r A more finished version of a town square, watercolour
    F22v and f23r Two abstract compositions, graphite and colour wash [one a mirror image of the other composition]
    F23v An abstract design, scored to give the images on f22v and f23r, graphite and watercolour wash
    F25 to F29 Blank
    F30v Abstract drawing, possibly a female torso [drawn sideways, pen and black ink
    F31r Slight lines, pen and black ink
    F31v Slight sketch of a [?] nude figure, pen and black ink
    F32r Scored design from f32v outlined in pen and black ink
    F32v and f33r Abstract composition across two pages, scored lines outlining shapes in blue ball point pen with colour washes
    F33v Impression of scored outline from f33r with colour wash
    F34r Impression of design scored through from following page [f34v] with colour wash
    F34v and f35r Abstract design, across both pages, lines scored by blue ball point pen, with colour washes
    F35v Slight impression showing through from f35r
    F36r Lines forming slight abstract design, pen and black ink
    F36v and f37r A couple: male and female figures, forming abstract composition, watercolour with wash and slight scoring [drawn sideways across both pages]
    F37v Impression from f37r showing through
    F38r Two slight abstract shapes [?] relating to shapes on previous pages, pen and black ink
    F38v and f39r Abstract sketches based on [?] dancing figures developed from f36v/f37r, blue ball point pen scored lines with watercolour washes
    F39v Impression from f39r
    F40r Very slight impression from following composition on f40v
    F40v and f41r Abstract composition based on human form drawn across both pages, scored blue ball point outlines with watercolour washes
    F41v Abstract shapes based on sitting female form, pen and black ink
    F42r Outline forming abstact shape, pen and black ink
    F42v and f43r Abstract composition across two pages, outlines of shapes scored, blue ball point pen with blue and green washes
    F43v Slight abstract composition set in frame, partly formed from impression showing through from previous page, inscribed with artist's name - repeated - forming a texture, pen and black ink
    F44r Slight abstract composition, pen and black ink
    F44v Prone male and female torsos, pen and black ink with black and grey colour washes
    F45r Impressions left by drawing on f 44v
    F45v Slight sketch suggesting buildings, pen and blue ink with blue/green colour washes
    F46v Slight landscape sketch of buildings on banks either side of a river with boats, pen and blue ink with wash
    F47v Angular lines suggesting detail of building [?], graphite, pen and blue ink with colour wash
    F48v Dark abstract shape suggesting an animal with vertical bands, watercolour
    F49v Irregular framed composition, pen and black ink with blue/black colour washes
    F50v Slight compositional sketch suggesting buildings, black pen and ink with colour wash and [?] crayon
    F51v Development of sketch from f50v, pen and black ink with wash
    F52v Slight sketch, possibly based on f50v, pen and black ink with wash
    F53v Further abstraction of previous subjects, pen and black ink with washes
    F54v Line drawing of scene on F46v, pen and black ink


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    • 1994-1995
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    • Height: 150 millimetres
    • Width: 210 millimetres
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        Artist's name repeated several times on F.43r
  • Curator's comments

    According to hand-written notes by Frances Carey regarding this sketchbook, the St Ives studies were executed in September 1994 and show the view through a window followed by a composition related to the epic of Gilgamesh, in coffee and ink. The views of Venice date from March 1995 and are followed by a train journey between Milan and Florence, with studies of the passengers and horizontal views through the train window, a "female landscape". Spain was drawn in March 1995 at La Elbirka near Salamaca.


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    Not on display (241.a.5)

  • Exhibition history

    2011 4 Jul-9 Jan 2012, London, BM, Gallery 34, Modern Syrian Art at the British Museum

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    Prints & Drawings

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