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    Pottery: black-figured psykter (wine-cooler) with double walls. Designs black on red panels, with palmette and lotus borders along the top; purple and white accessories, much faded.
    (a) Dionysiac group: On left a Maenad standing to right between two Satyrs, with long hair tied in a club, and long bordered chiton, over which is a nebris (fawn’s skin). Under the spout of the vase is a Satyr to left, on a smaller scale, stooping forward to caress a hare on the ground. Next to right is Dionysos, bearded, with long hair, ivy-wreath, long embroidered chiton and himation, keras (drinking horn) in left hand. In front of him is a Satyr advancing to right, in a dancing attitude, with left hand held above his head. All the Satyrs except the smaller one, the body of the hare, and the Maenad's nebris, are stippled all over, to indicate hair.
    (b) Theseus slaying the Minotaur: In the centre, Theseus to right (long hair, fillet, cuirass and short chiton, on which is a large rosette on his hip), holding the Minotaur's left arm with left hand, and plunging sword into his neck; blood falls from the wound. Beneath his legs is a conical stone (cf. Wien. Vorlegebl. 1889, pl. v., I b), on which he has laid his embroidered chlamys. The Minotaur has a bull's head with mane, and his body is stippled with hair; he has fallen on left knee, and his right arm grasps that of Theseus from behind, while in left he holds a stone. On each side of the centre group are two beardless male figures, representing Athenian victims; the one on the right and the one behind Theseus wear striped embroidered himatia; the one on the left is nude, the one behind the Minotaur has an embroidered chlamys over his shoulders, and hair tied in a club. All the figures have a lock of hair in front twisted over a fillet.


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    • 560BC-540BC (circa)
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    • Height: 32 centimetres
    • Width: 23 centimetres
    • Weight: 2 kilograms
  • Curator's comments

    BM Cat. Vases

    Wulff, Theseussage, p. 31.
    For the subject (a), cf. Jahn, Arch. Beitr., pp. 251-299; Stephani, Kampf zwisch. Thes. u. Minot. (Leipzig, 1842); Wulff, Theseussage; also the chest of Kypselos, the Francois vase and another vase, in Mon. dell’ Inst. iv. 54-59, and Munich No. 333.


  • Bibliography

    • Old Catalogue 596* bibliographic details
    • Vase B148 bibliographic details
    • CVA British Museum 3 III H e, Pl. 25, 5 bibliographic details
  • Location

    On display: G13/dc8

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    Greek & Roman Antiquities

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Pottery: black-figured psykter-amphora (wine-cooler) with double walls, showing Dionysos with satyrs and a maenad. On the reverse are Theseus and the Minotaur.

Pottery: black-figured psykter-amphora (wine-cooler) with double walls, showing Dionysos with satyrs and a maenad. On the reverse are Theseus and the Minotaur.

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