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prize/trophy / panathenaic amphora

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    Pottery: black-figured Panathenaic amphora. Designs black on buff panels, which are separated from the neck of the vase, with incised lines and accessories of white and purple. (a) On the neck: a Siren to right, with left wing advanced, to give the idea of perspective. On the body: Athena to left, standing with right foot and right arm drawn back, both feet flat on the ground; she brandishes her spear in right hand; she has long hair, aegis with a fringe of snakes, long purple sleeveless chiton, with borders of maeander pattern incised on black ground, and girt at the waist with a broad girdle, over which hangs a diploidion; her face and arms are white; she has a high-crested helmet, and her left arm is advanced, with a shield on which is the device of a dolphin to left painted in white. In front of her, an inscription.
    (b) On the neck: an owl to right; wings as the Siren on the other side. On the body, chariot-race: A biga driven to right by a beardless charioteer, who, as usual in the biga race, sits with his feet hanging on a board in front; he wears a purple sleeveless chiton, and holds a goad in right hand, and in left the kalaurops, a long rod terminating in a crook, from which hang two pointed objects of metal, to incite the horses by their jingling. The horses are yoked by a purple collar to a transverse bar fastened to the pole. The biga is in shape not unlike a gig; the wheel has no spokes, but a diametrical bar crossed by two at right angles.


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    • 565BC-560BC (circa)
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    • Height: 61.2 centimetres
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        των 'Αθηνήθ[ε]ν άθλων έμί
      • Inscription Translation

        One of the prizes from Athens
      • Inscription Comment

        The inscription as it appears on the amphora is retrograde.
  • Curator's comments

    BM Cat. Vases

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    For the sirens, see J.H.S. ii pl. 15, fig. 7. For the biga, see Baumeister, pl. i. 13 a, J. H. S. vi. p. 364 ff., and a bronze wheel in Olympia, pt. iv. pi. 25, no. 510.


  • Bibliography

    • Old Catalogue 569 bibliographic details
    • Vase B130 bibliographic details
    • CVA British Museum 1 III H e Pl. 1,1 bibliographic details
  • Location

    On display: G13/dc8

  • Condition

    Reverse much repaired.

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    Greek & Roman Antiquities

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Pottery: black-figured Panathenaic amphora decorated with Athena wearing her aegis; inscribed: "One of the prizes from Athens". On the reverse is a chariot race.

Pottery: black-figured Panathenaic amphora decorated with Athena wearing her aegis; inscribed: "One of the prizes from Athens". On the reverse is a chariot race.

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