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Otoko toka 男踏歌 (Men's Stamping Dance)

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    • Otoko toka 男踏歌 (Men's Stamping Dance)
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    Illustrated book, folding album, colour woodblock print. 1 volume. Anthology of verses on New Year with six colour images. Covers: Original, dark blue, painted in gold with horizontal bands of mist, grasses and pine shoots. Title slip: Original, on buff slip pasted in top left corner of cover. Contents: 16 leaves: 1 double-page preface, 1 double-page illustration "Farming household at the New Year" by Torin, 1 double-page illustration "Preparing food for a nightingale" by Utamaro, 1 double-page illustration "New Year presentation of a white horse" by Shigemasa, 1 double-page illustration "Court woman and plum tree" by Ekishi, 1 double-page illustration "New Year at Yoshiwara" by Eishi, 1 double-page illustration "Country excursion" by Hokusai, 8 double pages of poems, 1 double page of poem and colophon. Inscribed and signed.

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  • Producer name

  • Culture/period

  • Date

    • 1798 (New Year)
  • Production place

  • Materials

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  • Dimensions

    • Height: 24.3 centimetres
    • Width: 18.6 centimetres
  • Inscriptions

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      • Inscription Transliteration

        Utamaro hitsu
      • Inscription Translation

        Brush by Utamaro
      • Inscription Comment

        Without the 'akubi' (yawning) element on right-hand side of the 'Uta' character.
      • Inscription Type

        signature and date
      • Inscription Position

      • Inscription Language

      • Inscription Content

      • Inscription Transliteration

        Kansei ju no toshi mutsuki
      • Inscription Translation

        First month, 1798
      • Inscription Type

        signature and date
      • Inscription Position

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      • Inscription Translation

        New Year, 1798
        Calligraphy by Kakei Rogyo
  • Curator's comments

    Hillier and Smith 1980

    The title is the name of a men's dance performed on the fifteenth day of the first month, and hence implies the New Year.

    This was the last of the series of splendid 'kyoka' albums published under the imprint of Tsutaya, who died in 1797. The artists were Shigemasa, Ekiji (the comparatively unknown), Eishi, Hokusai, Torin and Utamaro, whose print of women on the verandah of a house has been frequently reproduced in Western literature on the artist.

    Binyon, Laurence, and Sexton, J J O'Brien, 'Japanese Colour Prints' (new edn.), London, 1963, p. 223.
    Brown, Louise Norton, 'Block Printing and Book Illustration in Japan', London and New York, 1924, pp. 170, 172 and 175.
    Odaka, Sennosuke, "Umaro ehon ko" (A Study of Utamaro's Illustrated Books), 'Ukiyoye no kenkyu', 20, vol. 5, Tokyo, 1928, no. 21.
    Toda, Kenji, 'Descriptive Catalogue of the Japanese and Chinese Illustrated Books in the Ryerson Library of the Art Institute of Chicago', Chicago, 1931, pp. 452-4.Asano and Clark 1995

    Compiled by Asakusa no Ichihito. There are six colour-printed illustrations. This is the last in the sequence of colour-printed ‘kyoka’ anthologies in ‘mino-ban’ size and involving the collaboration of various artists, which Ichihito had taken over from Tsuburi Hikaru, following the latter's death. The ‘kyoka’ are divided up by poetry club, and different copies of the book have either more or less pages of ‘kyoka’ and the pages may be in a different order. (See Asano Shugo, "Kansei-ki no gappitsu e-iri kyoka-bon no seiritsu", ‘Ukiyo-e taikan’, vol. 3, 1988, pp. 17-24.)

    Otaka, Sennosuke 尾高鮮之助, "Utamaro no kibyoshi ko, 1-3"『歌麿の黄表紙考(一)~(三)』, ‘Mizue’「みづゑ」, 275-277, 1928, 61-63.
    Ryerson, 1931, 452-3.
    ‘Kokusho somokuroku’「 国書総目録」, vol. 1, Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo, 1963-72, pl. 659.
    Hillier, Jack, ‘The Art of the Japanese Book’, Sotheby’s Publication, London, 1987, 445-7.
    Smith, Lawrence, ‘Ukiyoe: Images of Unknown Japan’, BMP, London, 1988, book no. 38.

    Other copies:
    Jan Buhl Collection.
    Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst, Berlin.
    The British Library, London.
    The Art Institute of Chicago.
    The New York Public Library.
    Gerhard Pulverer Collection.
    Robert Ravicz Collection.

    [Main text translated in Japanese below / 以下上記本文日本語訳]

    浅野/クラーク 1995



  • Bibliography

    • Asano & Clark 1995 481 bibliographic details
    • Hillier & Smith 1980 75 bibliographic details
    • Smith 1988 Books:38 bibliographic details
  • Location

    Not on display

  • Exhibition history


    2001, 30 Jan-8 Apr, BM Japanese Galleries, 'Arts of Japan: Recently repaired paintings, Ukiyo-e IV'

  • Subjects

  • Associated events

    • Designed for: New Year
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  • Additional IDs

    • JH.156 (Hillier no.)


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