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International Training Programme

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The International Training Programme (ITP) forms part of the British Museum's commitment to working across London, the UK and abroad.

In London, the Museum's staff and collection provide a platform for demonstrating current museum practice. Across the UK, partner museums allow fellows (members of the programme) to experience regional organisations with strong community programmes for local audiences, and often with stronger relevance to the fellows' own museums and audiences.

Through the ITP, the British Museum is committed to building a global network of colleagues crossing geographical and cultural boundaries. Working with ITP fellows provides a forum to disseminate current practice and to exchange knowledge and skills, helping to shape the museums of the future.

About the Annual ITP

About the Annual ITP

Every year, the British Museum runs a skill-sharing programme for museum and heritage professionals from around the world. 

The International Training Programme seeks to expose participants to various aspects of museum work, to develop skills, disseminate best practice, increase specialist knowledge and create a global network of colleagues.

Participants come from areas of the world integral to the Museum's international strategy, particularly countries with museum sectors in need of support and training.

An essential part of the Annual Programme is time spent at another UK museum. This allows the participants to experience multi-site or university museums as well as different approaches and practices, and supports our partner museums in developing their international relationships.

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