Standing female figure of wood.

International touring exhibition

Islanders: the art of life in Oceania

11 December 2024 – 15 November 2026

Tour schedule

La Caixa Forum Barcelona, Spain
12 December 2024 – 20 April 2025

La Caixa Forum Madrid, Spain
22 May – 14 September 2025

La Caixa Forum Sevilla, Spain
16 October 2025 – 1 February 2026

La Caixa Forum Zaragoza, Spain
5 March – 14 June 2026

Available for international display from February 2027.

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This exhibition offers visitors an encounter with the rich creative traditions of the Pacific Islands.

Across the region, every aspect of life was invested with artistic endeavour. From fish-hooks to fans, from nets to necklaces and from combs to canoes, objects of all types were imbued with spiritual potency and aesthetic significance.

The exhibition demonstrates the cosmopolitan, highly-mobile, innovative and adaptable nature of Pacific Island cultures in the past and present day, showcasing the British Museum's uniquely rich collections from the region.

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