Stone relief depicting the king driving a spear into a wounded lion that is biting the wheel of the chariot

International touring exhibition

I am Ashurbanipal: king of Assyria, king of the world

30 April 2024 – 6 February 2028

Tour schedule

Suzhou Museum, China
30 April 2024 – 4 August 2025

La Caixa Forum Madrid, Spain
27 March – 27 September 2026

La Caixa Forum Barcelona, Spain
3 November 2026 – 11 April 2027

La Caixa Forum Valencia, Spain
19 May – 17 October 2027

La Caixa Forum Sevilla, Spain
24 November 2027 – 7 May 2028

La Caixa Forum Malaga, Spain
14 June – 5 November 2028

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Ashurbanipal: king of Assyria, king of the World explores the world of ancient Assyria through the life and legacy of its last great ruler, King Ashurbanipal.

In 669 BC, Ashurbanipal became the most powerful person on the planet. From his capital at Nineveh, in present-day Iraq, he ruled a vast and diverse empire, shaping the lives of peoples from the shores of the eastern Mediterranean to the mountains of western Iran. On his ascent to the throne in 669 BC, Ashurbanipal inherited the largest empire the world had ever seen, which extended from the eastern Mediterranean basin to western Iran.

This exhibition will use text, timelines and maps to orientate and introduce visitors to ancient Assyria. Visitors will be introduced to Ashurbanipal and notions of Assyrian kingship via a representation of the Lion Hunt relief.

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