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International touring exhibitions

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An extensive programme of international touring exhibitions for audiences around the globe.

The British Museum's international touring exhibitions provide visitors around the world with the opportunity to enjoy the Museum's rich and diverse collection of more than eight million objects – and to learn about the cultures of the past and the objects people made. Our exhibitions draw on the expertise of world-class curators, conservation experts, scientists, project managers and other Museum professionals to support the exhibition at every stage of its development. 

See below for details of exhibitions that are available to tour and currently on tour. 

Available to tour

Browse our exhibitions that are available to tour the world below. If you'd like to host an exhibition at your venue please contact the International Touring Exhibitions team via email:

A selection of our past exhibitions

A history of the world in 100 objects

Toured UAE, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, China and Hong Kong. 

Body beautiful: ancient Greeks

Toured Hong Kong, China, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, USA, Switzerland and Australia.

Book of the Dead: Journey through the Afterlife

Toured USA, Spain, Japan, India, Australia and Singapore. 

Human image: masterpieces of figurative art

Toured Korea and Spain.

India and the World

Toured India.

Mummy: the inside story

Toured USA, Spain, Japan, India, Australia and Singapore.

Treasures of the world's cultures

Toured Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Spain, Germany, UAE and Singapore. 

Wonders of Mesopotamia

Toured China, Spain, USA, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada.