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Department of Collection Care

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Department of Collection Care
The British Museum
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The Department of Collection Care includes the Collection Management, Conservation and Photography and Imaging teams.

The Collection Management team is responsible for the storage, movement, and display of our collection, making it accessible for researchers and the public, both at Bloomsbury and at national and international venues on loan.

The Conservation team conserves and investigates the collection for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Photography and Imaging team shoots high-quality 2D and 3D images of objects from the permanent collection as well as many other things, including archaeology and architecture. 

More information about the Department of Collection Care will be launched in the new year. 

Collection Management

The Collection Management team is responsible for the storage, movement and display of our collection.

Our team is at the forefront of a fundamental and diverse area of the Museum, making the collection available for research study and display. We're also the team that's responsible for the extensive inventory of the Museum's collection on the MI+ collection management system.

The Head of Collection Management oversees four sections - Care and Access, Collection and Documentation, Loans and Display, and Loans and Exhibitions.

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Our conservation specialists preserve the Museum's Collection through a combination of preventive, interventive and analytical techniques.

Conservation contributes to our knowledge of the manufacture, meaning and context of the collections. Working alongside scientists, curators and researchers, we have revealed many new discoveries.

By understanding a wide range of materials found in archaeological, historical and contemporary works, and mechanisms by which objects deteriorate, our specialists can address their stabilisation and long-term preservation.

We use a combination of old and new techniques. Some conservation practice is grounded in long-standing tradition such as the treatment of East Asian scroll paintings, and we also innovate and develop new conservation techniques and approaches.

Please check the Conservation Register website, operated by the Institute of Conservation (ICON), for professional advice on your artefacts.

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Photography and Imaging

Working from a well-equipped central studio, our highly-experienced photography team produces 2D and 3D high-end images.

We shoot objects from the permanent collection as well as archaeology, architecture, landscapes, portraits, time-lapse and scientific images. We also do location work in support of exhibitions and events both at home and abroad.

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