Four children in Room 1 looking at a bust.

Family gallery activities

Key information

We're delighted to be welcoming back families to the Museum as we reopen most of our galleries.

Discover the Museum's most popular galleries using these fun family activities and trails.

Download them onto your phone or tablet and discover the collection as you track down objects in the Museum and learn about their history. If you'd prefer paper copies, please print these at home and bring them with you as they're not currently available on site. 

There's a one-way route signposted through the Museum, which is easy to follow.

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Gallery activity sheets

The Lion of Knidos, marble, Knidos (Turkey), 2nd Century BC

Great Court

Roar like a lion in the Great Court as you enter the Museum and find out more about this impressive beast.

Gypsum wall-panel relief showing a colossal lion, one of a pair, much damaged by fire, which guarded the entrance to the temple of Ishtar Sharrat-niphi; inscribed

Room 6: Assyrian sculpture and Balawat Gates

Discover ancient Assyrian gods and monsters on relief panels. 

Pentelic marble statue of Dionysos

Room 23: Greek and Roman sculpture

Pose like a statue in this family activity. How many poses can you copy from the sculptures in the room? 

Gypsum wall panel relief: the king, Tiglath-Pileser III, Assyria, 728BC.

Room 8: Assyria: Nimrud

Identify what's fit for a king using the clues in this gallery activity. 

Red quartzite block statue of Teti, Egypt, 1475BC (circa).

Room 4: Egyptian sculpture (north)

Continue your journey through ancient Egypt and explore the sculptures of the pharaohs with our royal Ramses family activity.

Drum made of wood, Ghana, 18th Century.

Room 26: North America

Discover African music in America using the journey of the Akan drum.

Glass roof and the top of a totem pole in the Great Court.

Great Court

As you end your journey around the Museum try and identify the different shapes to be found in the Great Court.