Two children at a Young Friends Sleepover wearing masks

Online event

Young Friends stay-at-home sleepover

Be inspired by the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs with our special online sleepover guide, bringing the magic of the British Museum to your home.

Enjoy a host of exciting activities created exclusively for the Young Friends of the British Museum, including preparing the perfect ancient Egyptian snack and duvet den, to storytelling and an interactive quiz. 

See the schedule for our suggested order of how to plan out your evening.

The Young Friends sleepover schedule

Blue glazed composition shabti of Sety I.

1. Get creative with these Egyptian-themed activities

Pick from a selection of fun activities before the quiz:

We’d love to see your crafty creations, you can email them to

YouTube still of a question from the Young Friends Quiz.

2. Take part in the Young Friends sleepover quiz

Team up with your friends and family and get ready to answer questions about ancient history.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a mummy expert to take part.

Start the quiz

Manos Fotiou pulling a funny facial expression.

3. Settle in for the night with ancient Egyptian bedtime stories

Finally wrap up the sleepover with either: