Using the British Museum logo

Terms of use

If you are already working with the Museum on a project and would like to use the British Museum logo, please read the options below to determine whether this falls under commercial or non-commercial use.

Using the British Museum logo

Commercial usage

You are likely to be a sole trader, limited company or partnership. You may only apply for a licence to use the Museum logo for a commercial purpose if you already have a separate agreement with the Museum ('the Main Agreement') for an approved commercial purpose. You may apply for a licence to use the Museum logo on or in products or materials for that purpose during a fixed term within an identified territory.

Request commercial use

Non-commercial usage

You must be an individual, or a charity, society, institution (such as a museum or gallery) or trust existing exclusively for public benefit. You must already be working with the Museum. You may apply for permission in that context to use the Museum logo for a one-time only purpose (including publication in a book, article, thesis or booklet, provided that the publication has a print run of not more than 4,000 copies). Your purpose may be educational, academic or scholarly in nature, but it must be exclusively non-commercial and for public benefit.

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